Thursday, June 25, 2009


This has got to be one of the most monumental days for pop music. Michael Jackson has died. I'm still in complete shock over it. It's just somehow unbelievable that someone who seemed so immortal is gone.

He was not a perfect person. We all know this. But he was an AMAZING performer and musician. He will be missed.

He will always be our King of Pop.

Here's my favorite song of his. I'll be listening to it all day today. Sadly, there was never a video for it, but this is a nice retrospective of all the different Michaels we've seen over the years.

And no tribute would be complete without the two of his biggest (and longest) videos:


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Bad (directed by Scorsese, feat. Wesley Snipes)
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  1. My favorite was Black or White, hands down, with Billie Jean in 2nd.

  2. He was revolutionary! My favorite song of his was "In the Closet," for ungay reasons. My favorite video was ...I can't decide! "Remember the Time," no, "Bad," no, I can't decide!

  3. I still can't get over the fact that he's gone. Who are the media going to follow now for a bit of the crazy?

  4. Thanks for sharing the videos and your thoughts. It's odd to think of him as gone, but at the same time, I have a hard time reconciling all of the pandemonium that's been going on since his death.

    He was talented, yes. He produced a lot of great work, yes. He was young, yes. But was he sooo influential and great that the world needs to fall apart the way it has?

    Was he some great world leader, no? Was he a driving force towards peace and happiness in the world, not necessarily (to some extent perhaps through the joy of his talent)? Was he saving lives in a way that will be missed, no?

    I'm not trying to diss the guy. He was a great performer and we'll miss out on future talent from him (although I haven't been that impressed with his 'recent' stuff), but we still have his old music. We still have the memories.

    Death is just another journey. And when it hits someone young and talented, it is sad. But not worth all the hoopla, in my opinion.

  5. I most definitely agree that the hoopla has been a bit much, but I think he also did a lot of great things that people have forgotten about. He was very involved in charity work and got the country (perhaps world) talking openly about issues like race and discrimination. Neither of those are anything to simply write off.