Thursday, June 11, 2009

On Being a Student

It sucks being a broke student, having to wait on money that you know is coming (thank you financial aid office), but just unsure of when it is coming (again, thanks a lot financial aid. really. any day now would be great.)

So to rejoice in all that is great (and awful) about being a student, I give you:

It's a classic that everyone knows and loves, For the Love of Money by The O'Jays.

Some days, I really wish I had been born just a few years earlier. The 70's look so fun, what with their sparkly suits and big hair. Of course, it was far from perfect though, with a crap economy, continual struggle for civil rights, and oh yeah, a little something called the Vietnam War.

But still, I would love to go back just for one day to experience what our culture was like back then. Pop music was made for celebrating good times (and bad), artists weren't afraid to sweat on stage to put on a good show, and there was no such thing as lip-synching. Musicians knew how to really play live and having a brass section backing you up meant you were the shit. Funk was truly badass.

I can haz disco nau plz?


  1. i totally agree. i wish i can go back in time and experience all those things. 70's 60's.. 1800's .. idk.

  2. Yeah, it's neat to think about. How different things were, and how people's attitudes have changed throughout the years.

    Thanks for following btw =)