Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Fight

I have been fighting so hard to ignore Lady GaGa. She's all over the damn place, but after what I saw today, I had to post.

The girl is talented. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind. She's truly outrageous (in that Jem kinda way) and I'm slowly falling in love with her. This will probably be the first of many posts that I will write.

But at least it's better than the Kenny Chesney concert that I'm forced to listen to right now. He's playing at Soldier Field and there is no escaping what is coming in from my porch. *sigh* (actually, to tell the absolute truth...I started up the grill and have been eating my dinner on the porch listening to the crowd singing along. It's not as bad as I thought)


The girl is crazy. I love her. Found another acoustic version which is a bit more raw and edgy than the one up above. Take a look. Very interesting to see how she can differ her artistic interpretation of the same song.

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