Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Video for the Girls

I have never been a huge American Idol fan. (My parents are a different story and this somehow just doesn't seem right). I've had my eye on a few contestants from the current season; Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey, who are both wonderful singers and entertainers. My favorite though is Allison Iraheta who at 16 years old is blowing most of the competition out of the water. Her attitude and powerful vocals definitely are reminiscent of that famed first winner, Kelly Clarkson.

What exactly was it about Clarkson that rocketed her to stardom? It's true that she had an amazing vocal ability, but there was also something so very down to earth about her (which Allison also shares). Kelly connected with fans easily, both male and female, but especially with the young women who so readily sang along to her girl-empowering lyrics. This wasn't enough however to keep the critics at bay from her third album, My December. They panned it and dismissed her as quickly as they had vaulted her to this star status. Throw in some volatile weight issues and it looked as though Clarkson was headed to the great pop wannabe graveyard in the sky.

When I heard that she was going to release another album, I was scared. What kind of Kelly would we be getting this time? Sad, angsty Clarkson? Bubbly, pop Clarkson? The hard rocker Clarkson who kicked ass and took names? Luckily for us all, we got the Clarkson that we fell in love with. All I Ever Wanted is Kelly back to her pop roots, and her two newest videos are all that we could ever want from her. They tell great stories, they're light-hearted and fun (she even falls off the bar in the video for I Do Not Hook Up), and best of all, they showcase a singer who has bounced back from her own personal issues to return as the pop queen once more.


  1. I love your commentary. I feel like I could have read it in any music review mag. Props to you!