Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday, I spent the entire day doing my taxes. I hate this time of year because I always see how much money I wasted (drinking, eating out, dating men who just weren't all that into me, and did I mention drinking?) It's a good thing that I'm changing my old habits. Ask me again this time next year, and you'll find me quite the different woman. The taxes however will still be same. The need for money will still be there. And so will my love for that classic 70's super group ABBA.

My adoration of ABBA began when I was just three years old, dancing around with my drunk Polish family and friends in my living room, not understanding lyrics or worrying about quality, just simply having fun. With any party we threw, ABBA was always there. Now that I'm an adult, I'm still listening to them and still dancing drunk around my living room.

Their videos however are a different story. It was the 70's and disco was king. The concept of music videos as promotional material had just begun taking off, and it's in this era that we get the art form with its pure, unadulterated intent, simply showing off the band. There was no over the top hood-glitz or over-sexed girl groups (who only think they can sing). It was simply the band doing what they do best up on a stage.

What I love best about Money, Money, Money is the balance between Frida Lyngstad portraying the lyrical story and the shots of ABBA as a whole. They never focus too much on any one member. The few candid shots of the group (traveling in a car somehow implying that this is the way the nouveau riche lived) are interesting, but a bit out of place. The oddest thing comparatively to today's standards is the fact that coins and dollar bills were used in shots. Diamonds and champagne however, never go out of style.

So another day, another dollar, another blog post done. You'll have to excuse me now. Chiquitita and a messy living room are calling my name. Time to clean. Drinking and dancing to follow shortly.

(and to see all of ABBA's videos in their entirety, visit their official website which has been redesigned)

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